How to Prepare a Lightroom Catalog

In Adobe Lightroom Classic CC select the images you want us to edit

Go to File > Export as Catalog

Make sure the following boxes are checked:

  • Build / Include Smart Previews

  • Export selected photos only

Quit Lightroom after the catalog is created

Zip or compress the resulting folder and put in the shared Dropbox folder



How to Import Edited Images into Lightroom

Open the original catalog

Go to File > Import from another catalog

Choose the completed Lightroom catalog received from Luxedit

  • From the replace dropdown: select metadata and develop settings only

  • Make sure the preserve old settings as a virtual copy is unselected

Click Import


How to Export Presets

In Adobe Lightroom Classic CC go to develop

Right click the preset you want to send to Luxedit

Click Show in Finder

Create a copy of the .xmp file and send to us